Whiskey Margarita

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner and Margaritas will be the drink of the day. So what does one do if they are not a fan of tequila? We have the solution for you Bourbon lovers with the Whiskey Margarita that will keep you in cocktail style on Cinco de Mayo.  It is a less than traditional approach to the Margarita, and some may say it is not fair game but we found it to be most palatable and it translates well as an option to tequila. Cheers!

The Whiskey Margarita

In a shaker glass filled with ice add:

  • 2 Ounces Well Bred Bourbon Whiskey
  •  ½ Ounce Agave Nectar
  • 1 Ounce Fresh Lime Juice
  • ¼ Ounce Cointreau or Triple Sec

Shake and strain into a salt rimmed (optional) Margarita saucer filled with crushed ice.  Garnish with a lime.