Mint Julep No. IV

The Kentucky Derby is only a few weekends away and the Mint Julep is the drink of the day. The Mint Julep has a long cocktail history and the opinions on preparations and variations of the cocktail are endless.  Below we offer you a link to our rendition and instruction on a Proper Mint Julep. As well today we share with you a rendition from Charles Baker’s, The Gentleman’s Companion, Around the World with Jigger, Beaker and Flask.  Baker offers eight renditions of the Julep, this one simply called Mint Julep IV. This drink employs Carta de Oro Bacardi (Bacardi Gold Rum) as the base spirit. When made to his specifications, the drink is very strong yet quite refreshing. We suggest a small revision to the recipe finding that using 2 ounces instead of two and one half jiggers (3 ¾ oz) of rum makes the drink a bit more palatable for contemporary tastes and will help to keep you on your feet after imbibing one. Below we offer you Baker’s original recipe word for word.


MINT JULEP No. IV, from Santiago de Cuba, Employing, Naturally, Bacardi

“This is not the usual Julep, and we don’t want any sleep lost over the idea. A Cuban gentleman of parts got it up, likes it still, gave us four and we liked all of them… It isn’t a Julep as we know it, but after all who are we?”

  • Carta de Oro Bacardi 2 ½ Jiggers
  • Pineapple juice, fresh if possible, 2 tbsp
  • Lime, juice, 1 fairly large
  • Grenadine 2 tsp
  • Fresh mint and garnish

Using a fourteen ounce tall glass or goblet, bruise six springs of tender fresh mint very lightly, rubbing over inside glass. Pack full of very finely crushed ice. Pour on lime juice, pineapple juice the Bacardi, and finally the grenadine. Do not stir…Garnish with a bunch of fresh mint cut off close up to the leaves just before putting in, and add pineapple stick, slice orange, and what not, to taste…Let frost before serving.

We hope you enjoy this tasty variation of the classic Mint Julep, but for those holding to tradition this Derby day.  Fret not, click HERE to unlock the secret to a Proper Mint Julep.