The Stone Fence Cocktail, circa 1770s

It was May of 1775 when Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys captured Fort Ticonderoga in an early morning surprise attack. The cannons that were capture where then taken to Boston and used to push back the British troops, winning the city in March of 1776. Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain boys were an ill equipped rag tag group that mustered up their courage with a few noggins of Stone Fences the evening before at Remington’s tavern.  Had it not been for the strong drink, these patriots may never have been emboldened to attack. So today, even if only in a small way, we have the Green Mountain Boys and the Stone Fence cocktail to thank for our independence.

The Stone Fence (circa 1770’s)

2 ounces of Applejack (or Calvados)

Highball Filled with Ice (doubtful in colonial times)

Top with Hard or Sweet Cider

Variations: Over the years various recipes call for different spirits. In Colonial times the drink was either made with a base spirit of rum, apple brandy or whiskey. More than likely whiskey was not an option as little of it was around during the period. There is also some variation as to what type of cider is best: Sweet or Hard. Each lends a different flavor to the drink. Both work!