Salviano Turlo 2012

An Italian Red Blend from Super-Tuscan Lineage

Pedigree, Location & Price!

The term ‘Super-Tuscan’ was foreign to many in the early 80s.  An undercover adage to red blends that defied traditional winemaking rules from the famous Italian region of Tuscany.  Today, it’s a term with resonance among Italian wine enthusiasts, as it’s typically associated to premium quality reds sporting a new world flavor profile married to old world structure.  One winery that pioneered the Super-Tuscan movement, Sassicaia ($199/btl) is among the most sought after wines in the world because of their signature style and pedigree talent.

The real success of these wines came from the visionary wine personalities behind them.  The Incisa della Rocchetta family created a movement on the coastline of Tuscany with Sassicaia, yet they’re not done blazing trails.  Soon after, they would set their sights on the neighboring region of Umbria.  A much lesser known zone without the fanfare of Tuscany, there’s much to be discovered in this up and coming region for vignerons and the wine consuming public alike.  This all translates to bigger bang for buck in the wine world…and we’re just fine with that!

Today’s wine is Salviano Turlo 2012, something we’re touting as a “Super-Umbrian” red blend whose composition of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot screams delicious drinkability!  Cut from the Sassicaia cloth, there’s a suave nature to the rich fruit profile.  A suggestion of oak is tightly woven to spice, herb and a crushed rose petal note.  If we could predict the future, we’d say this is the beginning of what will be an outrageous success for the Incisa della Rocchetta family.

The math here is very simple:  Sassicaia’s pedigree + prime vineyards in Umbria = AN AMAZING VALUE!  At just $12 per bottle, we snatched up all we could…but make no mistake, once the word gets out…we will sell out.  My advice, Buy a Case or forever hold your peace!