WhistlePig Farmstock Crop 001

For the whiskey enthusiast, the name WhistlePig is hardly a new encounter.  In fact, they’ve quickly ascended to Rye royalty in less than a decade, putting them in the center of many conversations when considering the ‘Best Of’ the category.  Founder Raj Bhakta and Master Distiller Dave Pickerell have combined super-powers and channeled them into a single Farm with purpose of developing as many raw ingredients as possible, right from land around them.  This passionate pursuit is lead to the creation of several early  offerings, whereby older whiskies are sourced from select distilleries in North America.  Through this careful selection, Mr. Bhakta & Mr. Pickerell have certainly achieved monumental success as the most awarded Rye Whiskey maker in the world.  Already decorated with praise, the first steps toward a greater vision have only recently manifested in the creation of WhistlePig’s current release.

WhistlePig Farmstock is a completely unique approach to whiskeymaking that quite frankly, is beyond profound…it’s flat out insane!  From their Farm in Vermont, they’ve planted fields of rye grain and groves of white oak trees, learning how to properly manage them.  As one would assume, the immediate results were certainly not worthy, hence the sourcing for their current range of products…yet their unwavering commitment has manifested itself into what we feel should be dubbed, ‘Estate Whiskey’. WhistlePig has incorporated approximately 50% 5-6 year old rye from their Canadian source and roughly 30% of their 12 year stocks, also sourced.  The balance of the liquid is distillate that has come from their Farm grown rye, aged in their own barrels and water from the property’s well.

The first release of Farmstock marked Crop 1, is the beginning of what will be many more to come.  As they continue to distill, age and blend from their estate grown resources, the future releases will incorporate greater concentrations of Vermont spirit.  With that said, Crop 1 is no joke of a whiskey.  A younger whisky, it’s nose is rich with toffee, caramel and nougat with a vibrant overlay of diced apple, dried stone fruit, mint & citrus peel.  The palate is medium-bodied with, the finish moves towards a peanut-brittle-esque flavor that is quite pleasant.

Bottom Line: The WhistlePig Farmstock Crop 1 is a great whiskey that merits attention and makes the ultimate Father’s Day gift!  Keep in mind, this run was limited to just a few thousand cases for the entire US Market…our inventory is quite limited, so don’t delay!


whistle pig farmstock