The Presbyterian Cocktail, a.k.a “Press”

As a young bartender I would occasionally answer the call for a, “Bourbon Press”. This is short for the Presbyterian Cocktail, a drink from the old guard that is ridiculously simple in execution but sublime in its expression. How a cocktail takes on the name of a religion is somewhat a mystery. Some accounts suggest that it was originally a temperance cocktail that quietly received a dosing of Whiskey non-the-wiser to the congregation. Traditionally it is a blend of some sort of Whiskey with equal parts of ginger ale and club soda. The great thing about this drink is it works with a base of Scotch, Rye, Bourbon, Brandy, and Rum. This is the perfect highball for those who do not like too much sugar with the 50% dilution of club soda to the ginger-ale effectively balancing the cocktail and drying it out a bit.

The Presbyterian Cocktail, Aka “Press”

In a Highball Glass

1 ½ Ounces Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Brandy or Rum

Equal Parts of Ginger Ale and Club Soda

Suggested Garnishes Vary ~ Most I Served Chose None!