The American love affair with Tequila began in 1873 when the first barrels shipped to El Paso Texas.  Since, we’ve come to understand much of the Mexican Spirit:

  • Made from Blue Agave grown to a limited area of 5 Mexican States; the most famous of which is Jalisco
  • The Blue Agave plant takes about 8-10 yrs to grow into maturity
  • 51% minimum of Blue Agave, but the best producers ALWAYS use 100%
Tequila Classifications:
Blanco – pure, un-aged spirit made from Blue Agave
Reposado – Blanco ‘rested’ aged in wood for 2 to 12 months
Anejo – Blanco aged in wood for 1 to 3 years
Extra Anejo – Blanco aged 3+ years