Single Malt Scotch

The most distinctive of Scotch whiskies, Single Malts are produced at one distillery using water and malted barley, distilled in copper pot stills.  Left unblended, Single Malts retain rich and individualistic flavors provoking the need for exploration among the different distillers.

Speyside – expect a broad range of flavor including sweet, mellow and fruity; some of the most balanced whiskies produced.

Lowland – the lightest flavored & colored whiskies in Scotland, notions of malt mix with delicate grass & dried herbs.

Highland – offer a range of styles from dry to sweet with robust &      intense flavors; a handful offer touches of smoke & peat.

Islay – distinctive for heavy & full flavors rich in peat & smoke, elements of sea salt & iodine.

Campbeltown – a saline sweetness to the malt character with elements of peat
What is peat?  A turf made of decaying plants, burned to dry malted barley.