This versatile spirit is renowned as the drink of the Tropics.  This is because it’s essential core ingredient, Sugar Cane is predominately grown in these areas of the world.  So if it’s made from Sugar Cane or one of it’s by-products; it’s Rum!  If there’s an age statement, it’s the youngest rum in the bottle.  There’s a few types of Rum…

Light Rum – unaged or aged, this is clear rum with a light body & flavors

Gold Rum – mellowed in barrel, Gold’s pickup notes of almonds, vanilla & caramel.

Dark Rum – often aged for 2 or more years; the resulting flavors are similar to, yet more robust than Gold rum

Black Rum – often matured in heavily charred barrels, these offer the biggest, boldest flavors of toffee, caramel, molasses & baking spices

Spiced Rum – a rum steeped in various spices, herbs, fruits or tropical plants.