Irish Whiskey

Widely credited for being the first to distill Whiskey, the Irish craft their iteration of the spirit similarly to the Scots with some key differences.  Most all Irish Whiskey is triple distilled for a smoother flavor whereas Scotch is typically double.  With just a handful of exceptions, another distinct difference is the widespread use of unpeated malt resulting is less smoky flavors.  All Irish Whiskey is required to be aged 3 years at minimum.
Key Terminology

Single Malt – 100% malted barley by a single distillery in a pot still

Single Grain – made from any variety of grain by a single distillery

Blended – a blend of 1 or more Single Malts with 1 or more Single Grains

Pure Pot Still or Single Pot Still – 100% barley both malted and unmalted