This precocious beverage is a neutral grain spirit re-distilled with botanicals, with emphasis on Juniper.   The spirits origins derive from English variants of the Dutch spirit Jenever, the first of which were produced by distilling a malt and flavoring it afterwards by adding herbs and botanicals.  At the time, it was believed Juniper berries offered many health benefits therefore was the predominate ingredient.

London Dry Gin – a distilled neutral spirit, re-distilled with botanicals with nothing added after the re-distillation.

Dutch Genever – in place of a neutral grain spirit, the Dutch use a malted grain mash (like whiskey).

Old Tom – produced to be sweeter through barrel aging or addition of sugars; this style bridges London Dry & Dutch Genever.

The Gin & Tonic comes from British troops using the spirit to mask the bitter flavors of quinine; taken at the time for medicinal purposes.