Barrel Pick: The Senator ‘Unanimous Consent’ 6Yr Old Rye

The greatest gifts are often presented when we’re not even looking for them.  Such is the case with our latest Barrel Pick.  A few months back we were sampling Bourbon barrels with Proof & Wood Founder, Dave Schmier a.k.a., the King of MGP.  In that session, we pulled away a phenomenal single-barrel we dubbed ‘House Money’ – a pick many have called our best of the year.  As we wrapped our tasting, Dave casually asked … ‘Do you guys wanna taste some Rye Barrel samples?’  Who says ‘No’ to that? 

Full disclosure, we weren’t in the market for a Single Barrel of Rye Whiskey – but as we progressed through a flight, one Barrel absolutely rocked our Tasting Team.  We ran through the twice, just to make sure we weren’t delusional about the uncanny excellence one specific barrel presented over all the others.  Sure enough, the proof was in the glass.  Our Team turned to one another and there was no debate – we had to have this Barrel of Rye. 

Introducing ‘Unanimous Consent’ – a 6 year old Rye Whiskey from MGP’s famous 95% Rye & 5% Malted Barley mash bill.  Bottled at 105.5* this is a beautiful example of Rye for all Whiskey Lovers.  Classic spice & grip on the palate are flanked by an unctuous core of brown sugar and ripe fruits, all riding on a creamy texture. 

REMEMBER: Every bottle purchase of this Barrel Pick is an entry into our Allocated Bottle Raffle held in January.  Questions, reply to this email or visit the store and talk to our Team!