Barrell Bourbon Single Barrel #Drinkingforyou 7Yr 128°

Welcome to our first barrel pick in our Private Barrel program for 2021. We’re coming out with a heavy hitter right off the bat with a selection from Barrell Bourbon. A couple of months ago we spent a wonderful morning with Eva from Barrell sampling their excellent line. We tried everything from their most recent batch 27 and Barrell 15yr Bourbon ($219.99) to their finished offerings and some private select barrels aged in things like Cognac casks. We love this company and everything we tried that morning but, this 7yr Kentucky Bourbon Single Barrel at 128 proof really stood out to us as THE choice to get our Barrel Pick Program started this year. Jokingly, we dubbed our selection “#drinkingforyou” as we labored through a dozen whiskey samples!

First, a little about Barrell for those unfamiliar with the company. Barrell was founded by entrepreneur Joe Beatrice in 2013. Instead of building his own distillery, Joe questioned conventional wisdom and took a different course. He sourced and blended exceptional casks from established distilleries, bottled whiskeys at cask strength, and sold them as transparently as possible. Over time, Joe and Barrell have cultivated what are probably the best relationships in the industry with access to the best barrels across Bourbon, Rye Whiskies, and Rum. Simply put, they get their hands on some amazing mesmerizing stuff. Beyond that, it helps to have the best team of blenders this side of the Atlantic putting together these unique expressions.

So, what can you expect from this bottle? The nose is brilliant with traditional bourbon notes of caramel and vanilla. The mouthfeel is unctuous, smooth and palate coating. The palate follows the nose with those classic bourbon flavors just done so incredibly well with perfect balance. No one flavor overpowers the others. They live in this beautiful harmony, just begging for another sip. The finish is long with some rye spice shining through and a bit of that “Kentucky Hug”. This is an astounding barrel of bourbon. Incredibly drinkable neat at 128 proof but a little cube or a couple of drops of water seem to only highlight all of the beautiful characteristics.

Remember this is a single barrel. Only 180 bottles of this standout bourbon exist and they will not last long. Don’t miss your opportunity. Order online or come in to a store and purchase. As a company, we don’t go for the hard sell but this is, truly, one of those “time to get it is when you see it” kind of products.

Additionally, for each bottle that you purchase, you will receive a ticket in our allocated bourbon raffle that we will hold in January. Pick a winner and you could win the chance to buy one of those unicorn bourbons that it seems that you never see available, at a fair price. Don’t wait. Get at least one bottle of this rare and special bourbon to drink now and get in the running for that bottle that you always wanted but never thought you’d have a chance to buy.