Yesterday we came across a recipe for a summer cocktail called “Spaghett”. It is a beer based take on the Aperol Spritz that comes to us from the drink menu at Wet City Brewing in Baltimore, MD. It is so simple in its execution and so refreshing it will no doubt become a summer sensation in short time. Spaghett has only three ingredients, Miller High Life Beer, Aperol and Fresh Lemon Juice. The drink itself is made and served in the bottle of Miller. The recipe is rather vague as to proportions and requires that you either drink or pour out a small amount of beer to accommodate the other ingredients. We strongly suggest that you pre-chill your bottle of Aperol and start with REALLY cold beer. Once you have your first Spaghett, you will tailor it to your own preference by adjusting the measures of ingredients to taste.


Open a Very Cold Miller High Life Beer and Pour Off 1 to 2 Ounces

Add 1-1 ½ Ounce of Aperol to Taste

Add ¼ to ½ Ounces of Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice to Taste

Garnish with a Lemon Twist Stuck in the Neck of the Bottle

No Need to Shake, Stir or Blend, The Beer Will Do the Job!