Today we share with you a winter cocktail that is the perfect fabulous finish for your holiday party. The drink is sweet, colorful and will bring out the inner child even in old Ebenezer Scrooge himself. It takes a bit of time to prep, but is worth every bit of the effort.



  • Martini Saucer (up glass)
  • Small Candy Canes
  • Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup
  • White Creme de Cacao
  • Vanilla Vodka
  • Godiva Chocolate Liqueur (chilled in the refrigerator)
  • Peppermint Schnapps
  • Heavy Cream
  • Ice


Crush a few candy canes into a fine crumble, spread the crumble on a small plate. Take another small plate and squirt enough Hershey’s syrup onto it to line the bottom. Dip the rim of a martini glass into the chocolate and then into the candy cane crumble to rim the glass.

Pour 1 Ounce of chilled Godiva Chocolate Liqueur into the bottom of the Martini Glass    

In a shaker glass filled with ice add:

  •  1 Ounce Vanilla Vodka (we like Stolichnaya)
  •  1 Ounce Peppermint Schnapps (100 Proof Rumplemintz all the way)
  • ½ Ounce White Crème de Cacao (Hiram Walker)
  •  1 ½ Ounces Heavy Cream

Shake Until Painfully Cold ~ Then Shake a Bit More.  Gently strain over the back of a bar spoon into the martini glass as to not stir up the Godiva Chocolate liqueur, creating a layered drink. Hang a small candy cane off the rim of the glass as a garnish.