The Sazerac

Some cocktails are a simple combination of ingredients while others like the Sazarac are an artful assemblage of spirits and enhancers to create cocktail perfection. The Sazarac is an old fashioned of sorts but with a New Orleans twist. It has a history dating back to the 1850’s when it was the signature cocktail at the Sazarac Coffee House. Sazarac is also a brand name of Rye whiskey but not a required ingredient, any good Rye will do. The drink was originally made with Cognac but was altered over the years and Rye replaced the original adding an improved spiciness to the drink. One thing is an absolute for a proper Sazarac, the bitters MUST be Peychauds. In 1838, Antoine Amedie Peychaud invented this bitters at his apothecary and there has never been any that could substitute. To create the Sazarac Cocktail, follow the steps below.

The Sazerac

In a Shaker Glass:

Drop One Sugar Cube and Soak with 3 Dashes Peychaud’s Bitters

Add to This

2 Ounces of Good Rye Whiskey

Muddle the Two Together


Chill an Old Fashioned Glass (Rocks)

Take a Splash of Absinthe and Coat the Inside of the Glass.


Add Fresh Ice to the Rye, Sugar, Bitters Mixture and Stir to Chill.  Strain the Chilled Rye into the Absinthe Coated Glass.  Garnish with a Twist of Lemon Peel.

We like to offer the seasoned ice from the Rye on the side.