Fig Old Fashioned

The Fig Old Fashioned

Once upon a time we had a fig tree that gave us an abundance of fruit which inspired the cocktail below. It is a great way to preserve fresh figs and a great twist on the traditional Old Fashioned Cocktail. It takes a bit of preparation but the efforts are well worth the outcome. Cheers


To Make Our Fig Old Fashioned We Steep Fresh Figs in Bourbon

Take enough figs to pack a Quart jar

Blanch Figs in Water and Lemon Juice for 10 Minutes

Take a sterile Quart jar and pack it with blanched figs

To that add ½ Bourbon and ½ Simple Syrup* to fill full to the brim

Seal and shake to mix.

Steep for 3 weeks (Topping up to keep the Figs covered if needed)

Now You Have a Medium Proofed Sweet Fig Flavored Bourbon and Bourbon Soaked Figs


To Make Our Fig Old Fashioned

In a Large Lowball Glass

Add ½ Piece of Bourbon Soaked Fig and One Slice of Orange

Add ½ Ounce of the Sweet Fig Bourbon from the Quart Jar

Muddle all into a Paste

Add 1 ½ Ounce of Well-Bred Bourbon

Top with Ice

Stir Well to Combine All

Top with 2 Dashed of Creole Bitters (optional~ orange bitters works well too)