Lemon-Chamomile Cocktail

Here is one from the Bottle Pro’s Cocktail Kitchen. It is an ever so refreshing, mildly sweet, subtly earthy, cocktail. The masses will find this drink more appealing with the neutral base of Vodka, but Gin adds a lovely spicy component and is mighty good as well. Give her shot.

The Lemon~Chamomile Cocktail

Make a strong, well steeped Chamomile tea

While hot add 1 tablespoon of honey to each pint (16 oz) of tea.

Stir well to dissolve honey

Squeeze 1 fresh lemon into each pint of sweetened tea

Let Cool

In a shaker glass filled with cracked ice pour 1 Jigger of Good Vodka (or Gin)

Add 4 ounces of sweetened Chamomile tea

Shake like crazy and pour ice and all into a tall highball glass.

Garnish with a lemon or Chamomile flower.