Super Bowl Sunday Winning Picks for Food & Drink

Super Bowl Sunday has taken on the role of an American holiday surrounded by all our favorite comfort foods and drink. It is a day where we can root for our favorite team (or at least our favorite of the two) and forget about the doldrums of winter for a while. Below we offer a fun and simple guide to wine/beer and spirits pairings for some of gamedays favorite foods.

Mexican Food- Everybody loves a good platter of Nachos at a Super Bowl party and there is nothing better to drink with Mexican than a great agave spirit. This year we are drinking Tequila’s smoky cousin, Bosal Mezcal Espadin Barril Mexicano. It is relatively light on its feet and easily sipped on its own. Heady aromas of campfire and herbs meld into a super smooth spirit with an earthy lingering finish. Pop it in the freezer so if the desire to knock back a shot at halftime comes along, you will be ready. It will also make a super-premium Smoky Margarita that will have your guests raving. If white wine is your thing, the bright flavors of Mexican cuisine pair well to a juicy easy drinking white like the “J” Pinot Gris. It is fruity enough to carry the heat of jalapenos yet dry enough to be a crowd pleaser and will carry over to a variety of other offerings (see wings). For red wine read on, the same red wines we have picked for BBQ have enough jammy fruit characters and spice to tame any Enchilada.

BBQ- If there was ever a day to man the grill, it is Super Bowl Sunday. Whether it be Ribs, Chicken or Brisket one thing is for sure, you have to have a bit of Bourbon to share with your audience while grilling. We have just landed an outstanding new release called Noble Oak, Double Oaked Bourbon that is smooth sipping at a really great price. It pairs with Smoky Boston Baked Bean and Santa Maria style BBQ, so it drinks well regardless of who you are rooting for. We like two fingers, un-embellished neat but it is also an outstanding foundation for your favorite classic lowball. Our gameday picks for BBQ reds this year are Victor Vineyards, Roadside Red Blend and “Eight Years in the Dessert” Zinfandel blend by Dave Phinney of Orin swift fame. The Victor Vineyards Roadside red is perfectly priced for a crowd and is loaded with jammy dark berry character and enough oomph to hold up to a slathered rack of ribs! Looking to up your game?  Dave Phinny is back and better than ever with his “Eight Years in the Dessert” Zinfandel blend. This blockbuster red competes with his old Prisoner label at $5 a bottle less and will tackle any wine-loving armchair quarterback’s thirst. These red wines will not only play well with BBQ, they will hold their own with spicy Mexican and the obligatory Buffalo wing.

Wings- Bust out the deep fryer and whip up a batch of Buffalo Wings with a fresh blue cheese dressing to cool the flames. We love Bloody Mary’s with Buffalo wings and have a great new spicy mix from Cutwater spirits to add to your favorite vodka. If you have a crowd and the need for speed, we also offer Cutwater’s pre-made cocktails in the can. Choose from Fugu Vodka Spicy Bloody Mary, Paloma Grapefruit Tequila Cocktail or Lime Margarita. All three varieties have great, fresh, “from scratch” like flavors and are perfect to throw in the cooler for people to grab. They slide back ever so easy and are all amazing with wings and Mexican. The J, Pinot Gris mentioned above will work with wings on the same theory as with spicy Mexican as will our picks for BBQ reds.

Pizza and Italian- Many a pizza delivery driver will be out on the road supplying Super Bowl Parties everywhere. The only thing that driver can’t provide is the drink. While a nice cold beer slides down well with Pizza we prefer a juicy red wine and being Super Bowl Sunday we want an All-American wine. Cline, Ancient Vines Zinfandel is a perfect partner to pizza and any Italian fare in red sauce. This under $15 bottle of red hit the coveted Top 100 Wine Spectator Wines this year and has all the ripe fruit characters to pair with spicy tomato sauce and whatever toppings you can throw at it!

The Brews

Beer and Super Bowl are like peanut butter and jelly. There is no bad beer pairing with any of the above, but it is a big world of brews out there and there are a whole lot of styles to choose from. Below we have a few suggestions for regional brews in the variety packs to support your favorite Super Bowl team while offering your guests a range of styles.

Rams Fans ~Grab the 15 Pack of Golden Road Brewery Session IPA. It is an easy drinking, crushable West Coast style IPA.

Patriots Fans~ If it’s Boston it has to be Sam Adams! Their “Game Day Variety” 12-Pack offers Sam 76, Bavarian Lager and Cold Snap. Great brews from the hometown team.