Ice is Nice!

The quality of a cocktail is the sum of all its parts. One needs top shelf spirits enhanced by quality juices, syrups, herbs, bitters and sundry embellishments. Glassware must be impeccable and styled. All of these things are important to capture the essence of any cocktail recipe. If we can be so detailed in every other aspect of our drink, why not consider the very ice with which we cool our libations?

The advent of the ice cube changed the way we drank forever. The cube itself has been made in a similar, curved rectangular fashion from the homogenous Ice Cube Tray for nearly a century. The home version of the ice machine introduced us to the “half moon” cube shape. Most commercial ice machines work on a hot wire system that melts a large sheet of ice into square cubes. Others, less often found, produce ice in a shaved or small pellet shape.

Today there are numerous, “designer” options for our cocktail ice. Glacier ice was all the rage a few years ago. The claim is that glacier ice is purer and more densely compacted so it melts slower. A few years ago a man was actually arrested in Patagonia for stealing 5 tons of glacier ice to sell on the black market.

There are numerous ice molds out today that defy the cube shape and add fun to our drinks. On-line you can find molds for ice stars, hearts, even dinosaurs.  Some of these shapes are marketed to entice kids but there are other molds like the ice ball that are a great addition to any bartender’s toys.

We sell numerous ice molds that you can use to create special finishes to your signature cocktails. The ice ball opens up a number of options for chilling your cocktail and even enhancing its flavor. It also gives you the option to make your ice out of something other than water. Consider a nice glass of lemonade with lemonade ice balls to chill it. No dilution! There are numerous options available and we do not endorse any particular brand of mold but do highly recommend getting a set and having some cocktail fun. We particularly like using a single ice ball on hot days like today, centered in a Martini Saucer to keep those “up” drinks cold.  Here are a few other suggestions that taste great:

Rum with a Sweet Ginger Ice Ball

Martini with a “Dirty” Olive Juice Ice Ball

Bloody Mary’s with Spicy Tomato Ice Balls

Cran-Rose Cocktail with a Cranberry Ice Ball