Easter Sunday Ham or Lamb & Wines to Pair

March Madness, the Academy Awards, and St Paddy’s day are all great FUN with FRIENDS, leading right into another big day featuring the other ‘F’ word.  That’s right folks, we’re talking Easter with ‘FAMILY’!  Depending on the home, Easter can take on many shapes and sizes with one solid serving of Kin!  Whether you’re table is set for six or the buffet is out for your third cousin who drove out with wife and kids, you’re all going to need a good drink!

So about that table…whether you subscribe to the Pork or Lamb theory, each dish presents some unique wine pairing opportunities that will make the flavors sing and hopefully numb any notion of playing a ‘casual’ game of Monopoly.

If Ham is your tradition, you’re in for yet another glorious feast with a sweet, salty main flanked by classic sides and kissed with Dijon mustard.  An imposing set of flavors in need of a counterbalance.  For whites, stick to dry, aromatic white with rich character and snappy acidity.  Some guests will insist on a glass of red.  Find a Pinot Noir loaded with cherry fruit, a dash of herb and fresh acidity.  Anything heavier or more tannic will clash with the Ham, just like the political conversation looming in the background.   Here are 5 excellent selections that will make your Ham sing:

  • Weingut Eder Riesling Federspiel
  • Sabeo Verdejo
  • Ame du Vin Cotes du Provence Rose
  • Domaine de la Madone Beaujolais Le Perrion
  • Pedroncelli Signature Selection Russian River Pinot Noir


Lamb is the only red meat to consider on Easter Sunday and preparations may range from a seared chop to a bone in roasted leg.  No matter how you serve your creation, Lambs signature sweet, delicate, herb laced flavors welcome a nice set of wines.  Pop the cork on any range of reds featuring sweet berry flavors that sweep across your palate.  Supple tannins will be important, but more so will be precision timing to bring out a caressing finish, begging for another forkful.  Your third cousin may opine it’s best to serve white with Lamb and that’s fine, let him do his thing…just be sure to send him home early and leave him out of next year’s festivities!  These 5 selections will rock you & your guests:

  • Promesses de France Cotes du Rhone
  • Vina Bujanda Rioja Reserva
  • Paolo Scavino Vin Rosso
  • Domaine Lafage Tessalae
  • Canoe Ridge The Explorer Red Blend

If you find yourself done with dinner and sneaking into the leftover stash of Cadbury Eggs, pour yourself some Ramos Pinto Tawny Port for a sweet indulgence to close the night.