The Barbados Buck

Here is a simple wonderful drink that comes to us from Charles Baker’s, Around the World with Jigger, Beaker and Flask.  It is a blend of rum, lime and ginger beer in similar fashion to a Dark and Stormy, but this drink pre-dates it and uses Barbados and Puerto Rican rums instead of the darker more molasses driven Bermuda rum.  Baker’s recipe is as follows:

“Put a large lump of ice in the biggest tumbler in sight – and 16 oz size is proper.  Add 1 jigger of Barbados rum (any medium dark rum will do) and the same of Bacardi, the juice of 1 small green lime, 1 tsp sugar; stir this friendly group to mix thoroughly, then fill the glass with ginger beer, or some good ginger ale like imported Cantrell and Cochrane.  Stone bottle ginger beer is best, buyable now in America.”

Charles Baker’s life in the 1930’s afforded him the ability to fill large tumblers with copious amounts of rum.  We leave it to you to adjust the recipe to contemporary tastes and times.  The drink is nothing short of refreshing and perfect for a lazy afternoon.