Valentine’s Day Advice: Hold the Hallmark Card, Grab Chocolate & Bubbly

This Valentine’s some traditions must always be upheld and the always sure to impress box of chocolates can never be quite be outdone.  Yet it’s almost always accompanied by a pink, red or purple card.  It’s no surprise one of the biggest days in the card giving world is February 14th.  Whilst hovering over the myriad of cards in your local super-market or pharmacy in search of one which most appropriately describes your effusive affection towards that certain someone; keep in mind the message you may be sending.  Do you really wish to convey your undying love on a poem written in a publisher’s version of a sweat shop factory?  Moreover, that you’re willing to spend more money on said card to have it dashed with glitter, lace wrapped and embossed on the heaviest stock available.  After all, isn’t there more to speak of in your relationship?  Those countless moments of idiosyncratic love can only be properly appreciated with the addition of yet another one.  One as infinitely complex as those that have led to your Love Story.  This is a moment that calls for Champagne with that box of chocolates.

Those bitter sweet flavors make chocolate such a mesmerizing morsel, one that sweeps the palate and finds it’s way to your inner being, offering a spellbinding warmth.  Historically, a red blend with supple fruit and soft tannins would be approachable, however on Valentine’s it doesn’t quite bring the ‘zest’ found in a bottle of Bubbles.  Never before has there been a greater controversial pairing in the history of wine and food.  The idea alone seems like one for exploring, yet if done with disregard for some simple etiquette, could literally leave a bad taste in your mouth.  The foundations of wine and food pairing require one take precaution to anything either sweet or bitter, of which Chocolate is both!

When you’re done with dinner and have found your cozy place, present a dessert offering sweet indulgence with the sensual elements of Champagne.  It’ll leave you absent of a food coma and heighten the evening’s affair with the perfect level of intimacy.  A box of assorted chocolates pair perfectly with Rose Champagne offering wonderful aromatics, rich in red fruits such as strawberry and raspberry puree, lending elements of citrus and stone fruits.   If you’re going the direction of the Belgian bittersweet style, think of a Demi-Sec  (semi-sweet) version offering a touch of sweetness to balance the flavors on the palate.  A Chocolate truffle done with a Kir Royal is a beautiful compliment and a pretty presentation.  If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxuriously sweet dessert with the nuances of truly great bubbly, look no further than Macaroons and Vintage Champagne.  A sublime experience that combines two known aphrodisiacs on the perfect day for the pairing!