Rol & Rye

Fall is whiskey season and while one can easily settle into the classic Old Fashioned and Manhattan there are a number of variations to these cocktails that offer a great deal of enjoyment. With the recent renewed interest in craft cocktails a new range of vermouths and amaro liqueurs are gracing the shelves of our stores, ready for your cocktail explorations. Today we share with you a simple, entry level highball cocktail that combines a few simple ingredients into an easy drinking toddy that is enjoyable to the whiskey connoisseur as well as the new to brown spirits novice. The Rol and Rye Cocktail combine Aperol Amaro with Rye Whiskey and Soda. It is refreshing with a nice bite of Rye spice married to a subtly bitter sweet character from the Aperol. Give it a try as an easy pre-dinner ice breaker when entertaining this holiday season.    


Rol & Rye

In a Highball Glass Filled with Ice Add:

1 ½ Ounces of Well-Bred Rye Whiskey

1 ½ Ounces of Aperol

Top with Club Soda & Garnish with an Orange Wedge