Spooktacular Pairings for Halloween

The month of October is such a fun time.  Harvesting pumpkins and carving jack-o-lanterns is only the beginning of Halloween’s preparations.  Many of our favorite neighbors and friends take the fun one step further, either hosting fun costume parties or making their home the spooky sight on the street!  Since you’re doing so much to bring the tricks, it only makes sense to bring new life to your treats!  We’ve got some tasty ways to turn heads and don’t be scared, they’re super easy to do and too delicious to ignore!

Wine & Candy Pairings Made Easy!

Every candy under the full moon has made its way into this night, yet there’s only a handful of Halloween staples that really stand out and stick in our teeth!  What’s better than a tasty treat to bite down on?  Well a delicious beverage to accompany it of course!  We’ve narrowed our list of top tier confectionary choices to the following 5 selections, each nothing short of epic when paired with the right wine selection!  That’s right, we’re talking candy & vino…

Hershey’s Kisses – this legendary chocolate morsel is best complimented by a rich white with juicy fruit flavors like A to Z Pinot Gris.  If it’s red you’re after, seek out something deep & sensual like Paxis Red Blend.

Reese’s Peanut Buttercups – a buttercup deserves a buttery white, like Crushed Chardonnay.  For a red, switch things up with a bourbon barrel aged Red Zinfandel from 1000 Stories!

Candy Corn – The ideal pair here is a glass of serious Moscato.  Straight from Italy, Saracco Moscato d’Asti will bring some pop to the palette!  When considering a red, look towards Banfi’s Rosa Regaeali to bring a tempered sweetness and soft effervescence.

Jolly Ranchers – German Riesling and Jolly Ranchers is a thing and its about time you learned how the two make magic with one another!  S.A. Prum’s Essence Riesling is an excellent choice!  For red, we’re headed to Lambrusco and none other than Medici Ermete Dolce!  The sweet but snappy finish is delish!

Starburst – A white blend from Alsace offers a rainbow of flavors that will match with any color you pull from the pack.  Hugel’s Gentil brings together the sweetness of Gewurztraminer and the snap of dry Riesling.  Red wine lovers will delight in the subtle flavors of Crushed Pinot Noir.

You’re guaranteed to get more than these 5 varieties of candy on Halloween, but these are certainly our favorite combinations.  Now that you’ve got the bottles open with candy in hand, feel free to experiment a little bit!  Remember, you can’t be wrong if it tastes great!

Creepy Cocktails

So now that you’ve got your wine & candy pairings down for the night, what to do with those seeking out some BOOze!?!  Making cocktails is always fun while entertaining and we’ve got 3 lip smacking drinks that will make your friends and family scream for more!

The Cold Blooded – There are a number of interesting drinks incorporating the words ‘cold’ & ‘blood’, but this is our interpretation of a balanced drink.  Start with equal portions of Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur, Campari, Lemon Juice & Rye whiskey.  Combine in a shaker filled with ice, add 3 shakes of Woodford Spiced Cherry bitters.  Shake vigorously, strain into a rocks glass.  Garnish with a real, Luxardo Maraschino Cherry and an orange peel.

Pumpkin Pie Martini- We love Martinis and we certainly enjoy pumpkin pie, why not put the two together?  This is a serious serving of fall flavors that puts the exclamation mark on Halloween! Best of all, it’s the easiest to make, start with 2oz of Absolut Vanilla vodka and 1oz of Fulton’s Pumpkin Pie Liqueur.  Combine in a shaker filled with ice, shake well, strain into a martini glass.  For garnish with ground cinnamon and nutmeg.

The Caramel Apple – The flavors of fresh apple cider can only be made better we add a little vodka!  This amazing drink is always a hit and comes with a great presentation.  Separately, place some caramel sauce in one flat, shallow bowl and some Demerara/Turbinado sugar in another.  Dip your coup/cocktail glass rim in the caramel first and then into the sugar to get a sweet, beautiful rim.  In a shaker filled with ice, combine 2 ounces Caramel Vodka, 2 ounces of Apple Cider and 1 ounce of butterscotch liqueur.  Shake very well, strain into your rimmed glasses and garnish with an apple slice!

Halloween should be just as much fun for the adults distributing the candy as it is the little ones collecting it!  Follow just some of these tips and you’ll have yourself a spooktacular night!