The Black Velvet Cocktail

Here is a simple cocktail built with a crazy combination of Guinness and Champagne. The recipe is over 150 years old but still translates to today’s taste and is perfect for fall weather. Invented at The Brook’s Club in London England, the Black Velvet was created in homage to Prince Albert’s passing in 1861. It was thought that etiquette would not allow mourners to drink something as festive as Champagne, so Guinness Stout was added to darken the drink, symbolizing the black armbands worn by the mourners. It is an interested mix of the rich full bodied stout tempered by the crisper Brut Champagne. Imagine a Black and Tan but with the tan as Champagne or Sparkling Wine.


The Black Velvet

In a Champagne Flute Pour ½ Full of Guinness Stout

Top with a Brut Champagne or Sparkling Wine