The Mamie Taylor Cocktail

Today with the 4th of July just ahead we offer an American classic, The Mamie Taylor Cocktail. This drink was inspired, circa 1899 in Rochester NY, by famed opera singer Mamie Taylor’s desire for a Claret Lemonade. The barman, unable to provide her with her drink of choice created the Mamie Taylor in her honor. Mamie took a liking to his creation, the press picked up on it, and the rest is cocktail history.

The Mamie Taylor Cocktail is a spicy highball with citrus, ginger and the smoky edge of Scotch as a base. One can alter the drink to their taste by the selection of Scotch used as well as what type of ginger ale/beer is used. The drink fell out of favor for a number of years but has seen resurgence in recent years with the craft cocktail revolution. It is in essence a variation of the Moscow Mule (or possibly a pre-curser to). Below, we offer the recipe for your consideration and suggest you experiment with Scotch and Ginger selections to find the combination that best suits your taste.

The Mamie Taylor

In a Tall Highball Glass Filled with Ice Add:

  • 2 Ounces of Good Scotch
  • The Juice of ½ Lime

Top with the Ginger-Ale or Ginger Beer of Your Choice.  Give it all a Good Stir. Garnish with a Lime Wedge.