3 of Our Favorite Steak & Wine Pairings

After May’s blockbuster of Cinco de May, Kentucky Derby, Graduation Parties & Memorial Day Weekend, the month of June can seem a little lack-luster to the naked eye!  In reality, it’s a welcome change as we settle into a summer that’s sure to be filled with good friends, family and times to be had.  It’s also the month where we celebrate the Patriarch in our lives, giving Dad the well deserved recognition for wearing many hats!  Handyman, sports coach, life mentor and of course the leading candidate for any hard to open jar; take the time to thank the Father in your life the right way.

In his ever growing list of tasks, life can get hectic and overwhelming quickly.  Nothing can be more soothing than a quiet evening, unwinding the world’s demands on Dad and peeling back the pressure of life while taking the time to soak in the things that really matter.  The power of a great meal and brilliant bottle of wine is other-worldly, transporting us to a place of harmony and bliss.  On a warm summer’s evening, nothing quite does this like a great steak grilled to perfection and the right glass of red wine to tie it all together.  The next logical question is, which steak and which bottle of wine to grab?  The Sommeliers at Bottle Stop Wine & Spirits have consulted with the Meat Masters at Avon Prime Meats, and have assembled a quick list of three undeniable steaks that when prepared right will pair beautifully with the mentioned wine selections; catapulting your Father or Husband to a gratification of the senses.

The first in our trio of Steak recommendations is the Ribeye, this delicious cut comes right from the rib, with a small pocket of fat among the marbling that makes this steak extremely juicy and tender.  This is one of the richest, beefiest cuts available and is packed full of flavor, and if you prefer to leave the bone in you’ll get an extra dose.  Go the extra mile and rub your Ribeye with a pepper and spice dry rub to kick the flavors into high gear.  Rich, beefy flavor with a spicy, savory rub means you’ll need a wine that can hold it’s own.  Look to a Rhone inspired red blend with bold black and blue fruit flavors, laced with smoke and spice.  We recommend Tenshen Red Blend 2015, loaded with the aforementioned flavors, it has a mouth-coating intensity that can stand up to the juicy Ribeye.

The second steak pick is the classic, New York Strip Steak!  A bit more tender than the Ribeye with very good marbling and consistent cut, the Strip is packed with rich beef flavor that’s a bit leaner and cooks more evenly.  It’s these characteristics that have made the New York Strip a Steakhouse favorite for decades!  A simple salt & pepper seasoning is all it takes to make the flavors of this cut come alive, but a compound butter or Bearnaise sauce are classic ways to level up your experience.   A bottle of Twenty Rows Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 is the perfect pairing for your New York Strip.  Offering a full-body with loads of cassis, currant, toasty oak and savory sage flavors.  The velvety tannins will help cleanse the palate and make your guy anxious for another bite of steak!

Last, but certainly not least is the Wagyu Steak.  This is the American version of the Japanese Cow Breed found in area of Kobe.  Marbled to an entirely different level than the previously mentioned steaks, producing one of the most flavorful cuts in the world.  Simply put, there’s no other steak experience that compares to that of a Wagyu cut, it literally melts in your mouth.  The most luxurious steak in the world deserves a wine of equal caliber, turning our attention towards Robert Craig’s Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon fresh off the 2014 vintage.  Typically, Mountain grown Cabernet would be too tannic for a cut both rich and delicate such as Wagyu, but this bottling from Robert Craig defies boundaries as it offers a structured core, draped by black and blue fruit, notions of violet, a thread of mineral and a supple tannin that sheds the wine of any rusticity.  If the Father in your life is a hedonist at heart, this is the ultimate pairing that will bring new heights to his food and wine experiences.

These amazing cuts of steak and more are available at your neighborhood’s trusted Butcher Shop.  Just like a top notch Wine Store, having a reliable source for the best cuts is the difference between enjoying your meal and loving every last bite off the plate.  With the right steak in hand, head to Bottle Stop Wine & Spirits for the quintessential bottle of Red to tie all the flavors together.   With their help, you can make the Man feel like a King on Father’s Day!

Some of our Favorite Butcher Shops close to our Store Locations throughout Connecticut:

Our Avon Store loves the folks at Avon Prime Meats, go there once, and you’ll know why!

The Torrington Store is close to Litchfield Lockerpay them a visit for the best Steak!

Newtown’s very own Butchers Best Market is the only place for quality cuts!

The Ansonia Store always makes a trek to Seymour just to visit Jerry’s Marketa quality Butcher!

The Madison store is directly across the street from Ferraro’s The Meat King