Wine of the Week: Paxis Red Blend 2013

In the unfettered world of wine, there’s a slew of mediocre wine that, to be frank…isn’t very good.  Conventional wisdom leads us to believe the least expensive wines are the least desirable.  That logic holds particularly true when we get down to wine priced less than $5 (yes they’re out there, but we advise against it), yet as we get get incrementally higher on the price ladder, it seems more and more of it starts to fall apart.  Meaning, as we approach $10 and get up to $20, the world of wine is wide open field of hidden gems and land mines alike.  Simultaneously making that $10-$20 price range one of the most intriguing to pay attention to.

Recently, we had an opportunity to imbibe in a stellar value that hovers very close to the $10 mark.  A robust, rich red hailing for Portugal dubbed “Paxis” was presented to us as a brilliant red blend with outstanding praise from the critical publication, Wine Enthusiast.  The 2013 harvest was a particularly successful rendition of this boisterous red, not only did it earn a 90 point review, but it landed the #5 position on the top 100 Best Buys of 2016.

So exactly how much does this highly decorated Red Blend fetch on the shelf?  At a mere $10.99, there’s no doubt the Paxis Red Blend 2013 should be at the top of your priority list.  Even more convincing is our case price of just $9.34.  With that much press and praise, at just $9.34…this is a no brainer!


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