Memorial Day Wine Guide

May is fun month that gets us back out into the world doing our favorite things.  Maybe it’s getting your Golf swing back or fine tuning last season’s match ending back hand, or even a quick walk around the block with a neighbor, admiring the landscape coming to life.  This wonderful month is the perfect time to dive into our favorite outdoor hobby and for some, getting into a new one.  One past time that never fades are fun filled afternoons on the deck or patio, with a hot grill and a glass of something tasty.  With Memorial Day fast approaching, be sure to slow down, take the time to thank a veteran and remember the brave individuals who risk their livelihood for our Nation.  Honoring America’s heroes on a three day weekend means there will be inspiring parades, the red, white & blue fully fledged and plenty of picnics!  You’ll want to get a jump start on pulling off some exciting wine pairings to make your three day weekend one for the books!

Marrying wines to the flavors of a good Picnic or BBQ aren’t that hard, but with a tad more thought and great guidance, you’ll put the flavors in the fast lane.  The unofficial beginning of Salad Season, I’m not talking about Iceberg lettuce, but more of the pasta, potato and protein variety.  The best of these flavors range from rich and creamy to savory and bright.  Begging for an intense white wine that can cut the cream and carry the savor, look towards a Sauvignon Blanc from Napa California.  Inherently warmer than other popular regions for Sauvignon Blanc like New Zealand, Napa renditions offer a ripe core of gooseberry fruit to go along with the grapefruit and citrus zest.  More than likely, there’ll be an Avocado making an appearance somewhere along the lines and when paired with a good Sauvignon Blanc you’ll taste flavor fireworks.

Now the grill’s ready, it’s time to cook up some of your favorite veggies.  From corn to squash, there’s no shortage of char-worthy edibles, but the real secret to dropping the flavor bomb is a great marinade.  Olive oil & vinegar emulsions with a touch of turmeric, pepper and garlic will command attention, adding vibrant character to your vegetables.  Paired up with an aromatic, fruit forward, dry Rosé and you’ll have a supple wine with snappy acidity; tempering the flavors with a mouthwatering finish.  Trust me, you’ll wonder why you don’t use Tumeric or Rosé more often!

The Burger is a staple for any flame fueled culinary gathering, least not on a Memorial Day cook out.  Leaving the crowd to ‘Stack Your Own Burger’ makes picking your favorite patty just part of the fun.  Whether it’s vegetable, turkey, bison or a good old Beef burger, the flavors start to mount when you’ve left a platter of toppings for your guests to design their own culinary masterpiece.  Over the past few years, there have been unique flavor enhancers to dollop the patty, including a Chorizo & Bacon Jam, satisfying the carnivores at your gathering.  On a brighter, spicy note, throw on a grilled pineapple ring with a swath of Sriracha Avocado sauce (there it goes again) and let the heat seeking Hawaiian in you come out to play!  Such a broad range of flavors calls for a rich red, powerful with fruit, layered with spice, a touch of smoke and an element of sweet earth.  Try a robust, Spanish red with a touch of oak aging to reel out the flavors of your Burger building smorgasbord.

Try just one of these ideas and you’ll have a flavor epiphany!  Use any combination of them and your Memorial Day will set a trend for the summer months to come!  For these great wines are more, head to Bottle Stop Wine & Spirit Superstore and talk with the Bottle Professionals!  Expert advice on food & wine pairing with a selection of thousands of wines is just moments away!