Wine of the Week: La Forcine Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Stellar Sauvignon Blanc Fresh from the Loire; ‘Baby’ Sancerre for a Great Price

After such a warm, sun-soaked Holiday Weekend, one can’t help to think of the Summery Springs we have here in New England.  Thoughts of robust salads, fresh seafood and grilled everything come to mind.  Flavorful dishes that beg the palate for something that stings the lips with vibrant acidity, fresh fruit and a long, zesty finish.

This installment of Wine of the Week brings us to the Loire Valley of France.  Famous for rivers lined by ancient castles, limestone soils & remarkable vineyards from one end to the other.  There are a myriad of wines to be explored and among the many successful grape varietals grown in the Loire, Sauvignon Blanc is certainly the most famous white.  From Sancerre to Touraine, the common thread among the best Sauvignon Blanc’s is a fine thread of mineral running through the racy citrus, gooseberry, herb tinged flavors.

Today’s wine, La Forcine Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect accompaniment to this beautiful weather.  Fresh off the 2016 harvest and from vineyards in the Upper Loire, you know…where Sancerre is located, this is the quintessential Sauvignon Blanc.  It delivers all the hallmark flavors you’ve come to expect from the Loire and at a mere $14.99/bottle, with a 15% Mixed/Solid Case Discount available, you can own this beautiful wine for just $12.74, making your sunny day all the brighter!